Signing up

1. Registration must be complete with registration fees and a duly completed form in all the parts requested. All productions must be subtitled in English or be supplied with captions at the time of registration.

2. To be selected, works must be at least 1080p and viewable on a online "streaming" video platform with relative password.

3. If the link is inactive, the registration will be null and void.

4. Productions completed for no more than 3 years are open for registration.

5. Each work can be forwarded to "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" once and can not be re-submitted.

6. Works already released and public screened in Theaters or TV channels do not have the right to register. Movies available on the internet but not yet distributed will be taken into consideration.

7. Screened films on invitation for private previews (for cast, crew, donors) are eligible.

8. "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" reserves all rights and at its discretion to refuse or disqualify any registration, without reimbursement of the shares.

9. Only completed works will be evaluated. Each registration will be evaluated as completed and it will not be possible to forward updated versions.

10. Once the registration fee has been obtained, no refund will be possible, even in the case of a withdrawal of the film from the competition.

11. It is the responsibility of the registered candidates to be in possession of all the rights and permissions to publish their work. No written declaration is required. The legal services of the festival will not perform any research in this area. With the submission to the competition, it is automatically confirmed that the candidate has complied with the acquisition of all the necessary rights.

12. "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" is for this reason authorized to use extracts of works submitted for promotional reasons. It also reserves the right to screen the films received also in retrospectives and promotions for the dissemination of cinematographic art in the scope of the festival.

Special notes

Submissions in more categories are allowed, each registration must be done individually and with a separate fee.

"Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" has no obligation (except as indicated in the regulation and on the website) to disclose the following:
i) identity of the scrutineers and judges,
ii) notes, communications and information concerning the submitted projects,
iii) details regarding registrations and selection processes.

Any comment, note or opinion/s expressed by a member of the "staff" of "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)", sworn or voluntary, is opinion of the same and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the organization and management of "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland) ". The management explicitly distances itself from any responsibility inherent in these opinions.

The jury's decisions are final and not syndicated by either party. In the event of a decision-making deadlock, the last decision remains with the artistic director.

Printed material and objects of any kind forwarded will not be returned under any circumstances.

Certification of the candidate

We declare to have read, to be fully aware and to accept the above regulation.

We guarantee that the material sent is of own production and free from dispute over the right of ownership.

We guarantee that the forwarded material does not defame or infringe the rights of persons living or dead.

All statements made are true and correct.

We are aware that failure to comply with the regulation and disclosure of incorrect information will result in immediate disqualification from the competition without the possibility of reimbursement of the registration fees.

We acknowledge that "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" will not reimburse registration fees under any circumstances.

No revision and modification of the submitted material will be accepted after registration.