An independent film festival based in Mendrisiotto? After the recent international successes of the short film "Alone" and the various contacts acquired in the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy, what for a while was the desire of several people now proposes itself as a reality.


As Harvey Keitel said: "Do not wait for Hollywood", not only expressly referred to the American "blockbuster" productions but to any other production supported with great funding, a reflection arises spontaneously:

Cinema is done with money, Cinema is done without money!

Certainly without a penny it is not possible to devote to film production, but we also know that the "dream factory" needs a lot of imagination also to be such and therefore the daily challenge of the filmmaker is to overcome any difficulty in expressing those contents to bring on big screen and lead the viewer into the fantastic.

"Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" borns to be a witness of the "magnificent" as a result of the combination of imagination and media increasingly accessible to those who propose to tell stories by dedicating themselves to the 7th art.

Certain to remain open-eyed as far as we can see in the near future, I wish already good vision to all.

Markus Otz
MOFF general manager